Censured Association affiliated with Entes (National Body for Food and Wine Sports) opened on Thursday 28 July 2017 in Via dei Quattro Cantoni 5 in Rome, in the Esquilino district, in the center, a few steps from Via Cavour and Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, in a position easily reachable on foot and by tourists, and especially in a historic location which for many years was an important reference point for the Capitoline gay community.

The new president, in fact - in the renovations aimed at creating comfortable and suitable environments for the cruising club activity - took into account the history of this place which, with the name APEIRON, was active throughout the nineties of the twentieth century and worked until the early 2000s, when gay guides of the time described it like this:

- Soft lights, sofas and hardcore videos on all big screen evenings. There is a dark room and two bars, going down the stairs you will find three rooms where life shows are performed. Friday is a regular appointment with a male striptease.

- Located near the Via Cavour metro, the restaurant offers a large space for relationships, board games and music with maxi videos. Evenings with entertainment. Inside the room with hard video and dark room.

-The bar and lounge area are dominated by a fuzzy screen offering MTV; downstairs a dank ante-room shows porn videos to get punters in the mood before entering the darkroom. A mixture of timid suburbanites and hardened darkroom devotees.

- Soft lights, leather sofas and hard video all night for the exclusively homosexual customers of this club. On the first floor there are two bars and a dark room while going down the stairs you can find three rooms ...

During the renovation works, those rooms were conserved and enhanced which, in the nineties, were set up imagining the interior of a diamond, whose prism structure was recreated through oblique floors and triangular decorations with mirrors and with three predominant colors (red , black and gray).

At that time the Apeiron was open every day from 22.30 to 03.00 and the striptease on Friday was a fixed appointment, but it became very well known and popular (and also criticized, for the morals of the time) also because it was the first venue to have a dark room inside.

The Apeiron, however, was not only a meeting place for sex encounters - demurely defined in a guide ... "life shows" (!!!) - indeed; habitual frequenters, in fact, were the actor Paolo Poli (1929-2016), the poet Dario Bellezza (1944-1996) and many other exponents of culture and entertainment still alive today. He was also frequented by Bruno Di Donato, who died in 1991 in 55 years old and then remembered at the Apeiron on May 5, 1992 with an evening entitled Voglia di Memorie during which he has retraced his history as an activist who - after being married, became a father of three children, and then divorced - made part of the Italian gay movement since the end of the seventies becoming responsible for the Fuori !, Roman movement in 1978 and then contributing, among other things, to the foundation of the Capitoline club "Mario Mieli" of which he was the first president, as he was one of the first to speak of AIDS both as secretary of Informagay and as the organizer of a press conference together with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, in 1983, which led to the creation of the first general eras in Italy.

As a curiosity, it should be remembered that at the time the Apeiron was affiliated with Arcigay, the annual cost of the card was 5,000 lire, while the average cost of a drink (beyond the first, free) was 12,000 lire

At the beginning of the third millennium, the birth of new gay clubs and discos in Rome, led to the crisis of the Apeiron which in October 2001 became the site of a new meeting called A Tu per Tu, aimed however at a clientele no longer gay, but to the guests of the nearby Blue Moon strip-tease club, becoming until 2014 the headquarters of the Talent Club which hosted live music and lap dance performances with swinger lounges.

The legendary Apeiron sofas and other pieces of this long history still survive today at the Censured in the large bar room also furnished with chairs and tables for a pleasant evening in the company or to be spent differently with various weekly events and well into the night.

To meet all the needs of today's customers, free wi-fi and a comfortable smoking room are available, while the cruising area was totally renovated in spring 2020 not only with the darkroom, but also with large relaxation rooms, glory hole, and playroom.